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Monday, February 02, 2009

Playing Catch-Up

20things that have happened since my last blog posting.
(not necessarily in order.)

1. We carved a pumpkin. It looked retarded.

2. I started (Nov. 12) and finished (Jan. 14 ) working on the poverty project.

3. We went to Chapman and then Atwood for Thanksgiving and for Christmas.

4. We decided to split the holidays next year.

5. I wrecked my car by running into a very large rock at 5 mph. On Christmas Eve.

6. We learned that sharing a car makes us want to kill each other only a leetle.

7. Our friend Staci had a baby.

8. Our friend Davina had a baby.

9. I helped throw a baby shower for our friend Kirsten (due this month).

10. I agreed to help throw baby showers for our friends Dana (due in March) and Jodi (due in April).

11. Our friend Amy announced that she is pregnant (due in August).

12. I asked Seth if we should have a baby RIGHT NOW.

13. He said no.

14. I watched 11 one-year-olds when our church put on a movie night.

15. I decided it was OK to wait awhile to have kids.

16. I went to an engagement party for our friends Sarah and Shea and decided they should live closer.

17. We bought tickets to go to Chicago to see Ada. And Steve and Stacy.

18. My employer introduced a new word to me, "furlough."

19. We decided to buy a house!

20. We started looking at houses and decided there are an inordinately large number of mustard-yellow homes in Hutchinson.

Do you feel caught up?