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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I know you don't care, but I can't help it

My IM conversations with Sarah are the funniest part of my life.

Sarah: it takes a lot of emotional energy to keep me in a socially acceptable level of sanity.
Sarah: i'm a nutbag
me: and I love you for it.
Sarah: at least I entertain you.
I'm good for that occasionally :)
me: :) you just make me feel less insane.
me: or at least understood in my insanity.
Sarah: yes true
Sarah: we have the crazy bond.
me: indeed.
Sarah: mm hmm
i had a grande coffee at starbucks hoping the caffeine would help my migraine (insider tip) but now I am shaking like a freak show
adding to my crazy behavior

me: nice. maybe you should go ahead and put on a crazy hat.
or mismatched socks.
just make a day of it.
Sarah: well I figure my first step might be showering.
something I haven't done since SUnday morning
which is admirable.
me: wow.
Sarah: Oh I know this
I Was going to work out yesterday..but instead sat in my workout clothes.
me: Just so you know. I'm gonna have to blog this conversation -minus the personal parts. But you not showering is not personal enough.
Sarah: and now I have work out clothes on again.
me: One of my favorite things about you is how you put on workout clothes but never actually go to the gym.
Sarah: just some days
Sarah: if you noted in my new facebook album, I Have man arms
which means somedays I actually do make it to the gym
me: I did note your new facebook album and did not notice the man arms but did notice the flat rippley stomach.
which i think it totally genetics which is why i don't have one. I'm sure it has nothing to do with you, like, working hard to get it.
Sarah: it's a god-given talent
me: All of my God-given talent has to be covered up all the time.
Sarah: but you have to take the flat stomach with the man arms
me: Sarah. You do not have man arms.
Sarah: yes.
me: Shea, a man, has man arms.
Sarah: true
I do have man legs
thighs rather
me: you must know some skinny-ass men.
Sarah: Shea can't even push me over with his man arms because my legs are so ...tree trunkish
me: do you have on your crazy hat yet?