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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Linking a link

Gotta love my friend Anna, who always links to the best thing.

I laughed my rear off at this today.

Ever met "That guy?" I certainly have.

My favorites: "I Declare My Asshole-ness As A Self-Defense Guys. What are they, going through customs? “Anything to declare?” “Why yes, I’m an asshole.”"

"I Went To Italy On My Parents’ Credit Card For Two Weeks, And Now I’m A Fascist About Olive Oil And Can’t Consider Funyuns A “Valid” Snack, Even Ironically Guy."

"I Do The Outdoorsy Thing Because It Prevents Me From Sobbing Like A Little Girl About My Hairline Guy."

"Gets All His Current Events Information From Watching Fox News While Eating Froot Loops Guy"

"Repeats But Does Not Comprehend Or Accurately Attribute Deep Thoughts Guy, whose acoustic guitar case says “I DON’T BELIEVE IN BEATLES, I JUST BELIEVE IN ME — FERRIS BUELLER.”"