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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Brad Paisley

Brad Paisley sings this song "If I could write a letter to me," giving his 17-year-old self some advice from the older and more mature model.

I think if I had, at age 17, received such a letter, I probably would have ignored it. No. I would've talked obsessively about it to Jackie and then I would have ignored it.

But still, it's fun now to think about what I would tell that thick-headed, naive girl...

Dear Eeds age 17,

Hi honey, it's me. Well, it's you - only older. We're 26 now.

You are a junior, and you are so over high school at this point. You are ready for change! For new and exciting adventures! For another boyfriend!

There are a lot of changes awaiting you, dearheart. In fact - so much changes over the next 9 years that I honestly can't remember what all is happening with you these days. I'm sure you are obsessed with basketball, wish you were prettier and are writing columns for the high school newspaper that you will cringe at in about five years.

The changes that await you, Eeds - some of them are going to make you feel like your world is falling apart. But don't worry ... in the midst of all of that, you will find Hope and Grace. You will fall thankfully into the arms of the One who will not change and will not ever stop loving you.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. Some things you should know about high school...

When people let you down, Eeds, it's not because they don't care about you. It's because they are human. Stop taking everything so personally. It will save you a lot of grief.

Along those same lines - you are not perfect. You will never be perfect. No one expects you to be perfect. Chill on the perfection thing.

I know you feel like loving people the way you do is a burden right now. It actually is a gift. You will learn how it was meant to be used later on.

You will love your senior year! Don't doubt your senior spring break plans. You have a blast with Anna, Shannon and Jackie.

You will also love college. A few suggestions, though:
Go hang out with your brother. He won't think you are being a pest, I promise.

You know how things are with mom and dad right now? Well, it gets worse. But - then it gets a lot better. By the time you are my age, you have a great relationship with BOTH of them, and Steven and Stacy are two of your best friends. AND - you are an aunt to the most precious child on the face of the earth!

Eeds, I know you are new at this, but GO TO THE NEWSROOM when big things happen. Didn't realize a big thing happened? WATCH THE FLIPPING NEWS! You are a journalist.
(Really, it's OK. I still don't know sometimes when big things happen.)

In college, you will convince yourself that you have found the guy for you.
Honey, no.
Listen to Jackie. LISTEN TO YOUR GUT.
Ok, I know you are not great at the listening thing. So, I'll tell you this instead. When it is over - you will think that you have lost who you are. And you have. But it's OK, because you will find yourself again and through that process you will learn things that will make your life so. much. better.

It will take a while, and you will be impatient. But one day, truly when you are least expecting it, you will meet the guy who really is the one. His name is Seth. (I know, right? Never imagined his name would be 'Seth.'") He will be everything you asked God for - and - he will be more than you knew to ask for.

Listen, hun. There are ups and downs between being you at 17 and you at 26 - but over-all it's a great nine years. So, enjoy it.

And know this: Every time you fall down, there are a handful of people who want to help you up. You are never alone, never forsaken, never discarded. You are incredibly loved, Eeds. Incredibly loved.

And no. 26 is not old.

Love you more now than I did then,
Eeds age 26