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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Happy Birthday

One of my favorite days has always been my older brother's birthday.

I think when I was little, it was because it signaled that Christmas was just right around the corner. Plus we got to have cake and I got to see family.

As we've gotten older, I mostly like to tease brother about how old he's getting (He's 29!) Also, for the past three years, it's provided a great blog topic.

This year is different from years past, because this year my big brother is anticipating fatherhood. He's going to be a dad in February. Not only is he going to be a dad - he's going to be a dad to a little girl.

Brother isn't that much older than me - only about three years - but he definitely had an important role in this little girl's life. He has always been and always will be my friend, my confidant and my protector.

When we were kids, he was the person who made sure I wasn't left out.

When I got old enough to be interested in boys, he let me know that he expected me to expect respect.

In college, he taught me that if I was going to run to class, I should RUN. The half-walk/half-run was unacceptable. Also, perhaps more appropriate advice but no more important - he advised me that if I felt overwhelmed in the big lecture halls, I should sit in the front.

These days, he calms me down when I'm freaking out about things I have absolutely no control over. He calls me on windy days and we talk about our family, our friends, our lives and usually end up laughing.

My beautiful niece has all of these things and more to look forward to from her daddy.

She is a lucky - strike that, blessed - little girl. And so am I.

Happy birthday big brother. :)

Friday, December 14, 2007

Follow-up e-mail to Gary

Yes, my power is still out.

Yes, despite my efforts to stick it out by sleeping in sweats, entertaining myself with a flashlight and a mirror and eating cold cereal with no milk (I made it the first two days) I have sought alternate shelter. Shelter that has heat and light and a working refridgerator and microwave.

Yes, I still go check my house and pick up the mail and lock the doors.

Yes, I understand that the downed power line in my back yard is dangerous, and I'm staying away from it.

Yes, I realize the food in my fridge is bad now. Especially the milk.

Yes, I know that pipes can freeze and have taken measures to prevent it.

Yes, I know not to park my car under ice-laden trees. Don't worry, I'm trying not to walk under them either.

Yes, I'm watching out for all of the big trucks coming to town to help clean up.

Also - Yes, I realize it's supposed to snow today. For information on my preparedness for winter storms, please see previous e-mail.

Love you,

P.S. I am wearing shoes and I do have a coat. Also, the antifreeze in my car was recently checked and I'm making sure to keep the gas tank over half full.

Monday, December 10, 2007

E-mail to Gary

Yes, I know there is a huge ice storm coming.

Yes, I have a snow shovel and ice melt.

Yes, I will be very careful if I MUST drive, but will stay out of my car and off of the roads when possible. I do realize the Cavalier has some limitations in the ice/cold/snow.

Yes, I know not to go outside without a coat on. Also, I do realize that shoes are important.

Yes, I’ve called my landlords to find out whether my pilot light will stay lit in the case of the electricity going out.

Yes, I have the phone number to Westar to report outages.

Yes, I have people in my neighborhood who could help me if I needed it.

Yes, I have enough food and water to last me if, for some reason, I’m unable to leave my home for a day.

Also, I have your phone number in case any unpredicted emergency comes up that only a Dad could fix.

Love you,