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Tuesday, November 13, 2007


One of my favorite things about late fall is that increment of time where it's cool enough to wear tights with skirts rather than going bare-legged but not so cold that the only choice is wool pants.

For me, that time started today. I paired a jean skirt with some off-white tights with a little flower design in them. All day long, I felt like a little girl.

That's because until I turned 25 and started letting my crazy aunt influence my fashion choices, that was the last time I wore tights.

Side note: I can't help but laugh when I see little girls running around in cute little skirt outfits with their tights inching their way down so that the crotch is at the knees and extra material bunches aroudn their ankles. Their moms worked so hard to achieve that cuteness level, and the tights just aren't cooperating!

In other news:

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, . . . something, something, something . . . K&E did something good . . . .something, something, something . . .. The End.


Thursday, November 08, 2007

It's official

I have now listened to my first Christmas carol of the season: "O Holy Night" performed by Shawn McDonald.

In other news:

* I went to PA to see Jackie a few weekends ago. The weekend went something like this:
17 conversations about who Seth is, why I love him and general giddyness (probably more)
6,876 pieces of Starburst candy eaten
2 walks taken
1 uncontrollable laughing fit at midnight
2 sets of manicured nails
1 celebrity comic seen
1 traffic jam
countless memories made

* This weekend is SIL's Kansas baby shower! I'm very excited to see my pregnant sister in law and all of the other aunts and grandmas! I absolutely hate one of the gifts I got for her though - because it's really not fun, and I wanted to get something fun but was completely overwhelmed by the phenomenon that is Babies R Us, so I just got the first thing I saw on the gift registry and bolted.

* I have been working on one story for a month and STILL don't have it done. Blah.

* It's Fall! Yay!

* My landlord hasn't fixed my windows - which have HOLES in them - yet. Boo.

The end.