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Friday, October 05, 2007

Top 10 since the last post

10. I've been running in the mornings this week even though I really, really, really didn't want to. "Why are you running, Eeds?" you might ask. That would be Sarah's fault. She's done two inline marathons and now thinks she needs to run a half marathon. I bailed on her Europe trip and I bailed on actually raising the money to run WITH her in the marathon, so the least I could do was train with her.
It's like when you ask your dad for a car, and he says no and then you ask him for a stereo and he says no, so you ask him for $20 and he gives it to you and then doesn't even get mad when you tell him you're pregnant.
Or something like that...

9. Work has been insanely busy since .... well, since forever. Really though, since the Kansas State Fair. I mostly love the pace and don't usually mind the hours - although sometimes it does neccessitate some bitching to Seth, who generally says things like "I'm sorry baby. It will be better tomorrow." He's good.

8. Today, I'm pretty sure a co-worker tried to hook me up with her son, who just happened to stop by the newsroom around the time I make my daily trip to the vending machine. But, since work is insane and I'm tied to my computer, I didn't wander by her desk like I normally do. So she CALLED me and asked if I'd come over there. And then introduced me to her son. And I probably turned red because, seriously? How embarrassing.

7. I'm leading a small group of freshman girls for the Methodist church here. They delight me and stupefy me and generally grow me every time I meet with them. This week, we were talking about the Bible and one of them said, out of no where, "Don't you hate the people who walk really slow in the hallways?" kicking off a good 10-minute conversation about how much we HATE! that.

6. I'm 26 now! I got great presents and cards from people who bless the daylights out of me with their love. I ate the best desert on the face of the planet: McCormick and Schmick's Chocolate Bag -

and walked around the Plaza Art Fair blissfully unaware of the crowds and completely enamored with my company. (That would be Seth) On my birthday, I got to hang out with Dad, Mom and Par and even had CAKE! Yes! A week later, Yoda sent me carrot cookies! Whoo Hoo!!!

5. Last weekend I got to drive around the beautiful western(ish) Kansas countryside. Seriously - I think it's gorgeous out there.

4. Jackie came home! And I got to see her! And give her a hug! And be completely unaware that anyone else on earth existed. :) It was great. I miss her already. BUT, I will go to see her in PA at the end of the month.

3. And she will call me Aunt Edie. (Aunt Tede!)

2. Geez. Why did I pick the top 10? That's a lot.

1. Tomorrow. Manhattan. Kicking KU's butt. I'll be there. With my favorite guys (minus Steve and Par.)