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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Reporting insanity

Last week I helped cover a six-hour standoff between police and a 21-year-old who had violated his parole. The SWAT team came in, the K9 unit came in, snipers set up in a field and... we waited.

At one point the wind caught the some of the tear gas wafting from the 20 canisters police shot inside the apartment where the suspect was "holed up" and I got a wiff of it. Ugh.

It ended up, there was no suspect. Thus - a non-standoff.

On Tuesday, someone called a bomb threat into two local grocery stores. At one of the stores it resulted in another nearly 6-hour standoff as well as a hostage situation. I got sunburnt, but there was no bomb at either of the grocery stores. So, non-bomb threats.

At about 11 a.m. Wednesday, another bomb threat came across the scanner. It was called into one of the grocery stores that had been threatened the day before. We ran out there ...

Don't we look scared? By this time we were old hats at standing around and waiting for something to happen, knowing full well that nothing ever would.

That day there were three subsequent bomb threats called in - all turned up to be nothing. You can read more about it here.

Then, today, the president came to visit. Since that whole incident with his secret service men frisking me, we're kinda pals now.

(Apparently, I wear tank tops and my hair in a braid EVERY day. It's like a uniform.)

So, yeah. I moved from the big city to a small rural town and its here that I have dealt with bomb threats and police stand offs and had two run-ins with the President.



Does anyone else think this is a little excessive?

Friday, August 17, 2007


Things I believe have no redeemable quality.
* Mosquitos
* The over type key
* Those iiiittty bitty band aids.
* Throw-away shavers. Is it really worth having shaved legs if you have all that razor burn?
* Rice Cakes. Why not just eat ice?
* Caffeine-free Diet Coke. Wha?
* Those things you put on shelves to keep dishes from sliding. Why don't you want your dishes to slide? Why do you want to make the horrible task of unloading the dishwasher more difficult? I don't understand...
* Wall paper. Ugh. Just UGH.
* Petunias
* Stilettos that pinch your toes. I agree that heels are pretty hot, and sometimes it seems like the pain is worth it. But really, how hot can you look when your shoes hurt you so bad that when you walk you look like you're doing a combination of the "I have to pee" dance and the "Both of my legs are asleep" dance.
* The refrigerator in Brother's car. (OK, it DOES have redeemable value, but still...a refrigerator...in your CAR.)

I'm not questioning The Big Guy, here. I know He has a good reason for creating everything He created - His ways are not our ways and all of that. When I get up there, I'll ask him about mosquito's.