A little about a lot

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I mean, c'mon...

When I was a little girl I remember watching "The Secret Garden." The main character, Mary, had two friends - Colin and Dickon. Colin starts out as a whiney little brat and at one point asks Mary who she likes better - him or Dickon. (This is a very silly question for a sickly whiner to ask when his competition is a handsome kid who can make stuff grow.)

Still, Mary said: "I like you the same for different reasons."

I will always remember that. It's stuck with me all these years and I'm not sure why. Maybe because it rings so true. God has blessed me with a few very special friends - all who I love and love for different reasons.

I've written about Anna. Today I'm writing about Sarah.

I met Sarah my sophomore year of college.

We were on the Collegian staff together. As we endured some tough times together, our friendship became solid. Once we were both out of college and dealing with the real world, we seemed to get even closer.

Sarah is unlike any of my other friends. The first thing I think most people notice about her is how tiny she is. The second thing likely is that her presence is much larger than her body.

Sarah tells it like it is. When I'm the one she's telling it to, it's always in love and out of concern for what's best for me.

She's not afraid to giggle, she's tough and tenderhearted at the same time. She's intelligent and doesn't make apologies for it. Traveling all over the United States doesn't bother her, but amusement park rides do. Sometimes she's surprised at her own strength when no one else is. Someone once compared her to a bar of hotel soap and she graciously thought it was cute. She can shoot fire out of her eyes, and ... she is adorable.

I mean, c'mon...who wouldn't love this girl?

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


The other day brother demanded a new post. I have no idea what to write about so I'll pose a question that I should probably know the answer to, but don't.

Why do misquito bites itch?

In other news ...

* TOO HOT. My duplex's ac doesn't seem to affect the climate of my upstairs bedroom, which means I've been sleeping downstairs the last few nights. This is significant because it confirms my fears that I've become a wuss. I used to sleep with no AC and no heat every night at the farm and was fine.
Luckily, from all of those childhood summers, I know the secret to sleeping without AC. You just have to lie very still until you fall asleep. Somewhere around 2 a.m., it will finally cool down enough for you to need a sheet. Then you're golden. Unfortunately I'm now a whiney impatient city girl with another, cooler bedroom to sleep in until I can buy a window unit. So the secret really does me no good.

* NUTSO. I've reached "neurotic" at age 25. (I should get points because I almost made it to 26.) It runs in the family.
It occurred to me that I had met the "crazy" half of the crazy/beautiful combo the other night when, being extremely frustrated for absolutely no reason at Seth, I got off the phone with him and turned my fire-shooting-out-of-my-eyes anger at my bed sheets, which were NOT LAYING RIGHT and were TOO CLINGY and TOO HOT. I got so mad that I wanted to cry and just as the tears were pooling in my eyes I broke into laughter and proceeded to laugh my ass off.
Then a little voice said "Yep. You're crazy all right." But I think I'm not commit-able because the little voice didn't start laughing with me.

* SUCKING AIR. For the last two mornings, I've gotten up early to go for a jog. So far, so good. I'm liking it. But this afternoon, one of our designers came by my desk and said he saw me finishing up my run this morning. He lives down the street from me, which means he saw me as I, with a "Oh Thank God" look in my eyes reached my corner and came to an abrubt and ungraceful halt. Usually, at that point, I assume I look something like this: