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Monday, February 26, 2007


Went to the Windy City last weekend to see Brother, SIL and to play with Sarah.

All in all a good weekend. Here are the stats:

2: Rounds of sushi we ate on Friday night. It was my first sushi experience and I was de-lighted. The delight came after some very awkward moments with me figuring out 1. how to use chopsticks and 2. How to eat soybeans.

15: number of minutes Sarah and I spent in a bar bathroom listening to a girl bawl about the unfairness of life/boys. Sarah stared with open disgust.

0: number of times Sarah moves from her weird and uncomfortable-looking sleeping position during the night. This completely amazed me.

11: Time I woke up both Saturday and Sunday morning.

20: Number of dollars I spent on a pair of Banana Republic jeans that fit perfect AND were on sale. How often does that happen?

129: Number of restaurants to which Brother and SIL discussed going in a time span of three minutes.

4: Number of hours it took for Baby GAP employee to wrap gift for cousin's baby shower.

1: Pair of new black heels purchased.

17: Times I thought I was going to fall on my rear in first jaunt out in said heels.

1.5: hours spent in Shedd Aquarium. So cool! I really enjoyed this. My favorite part was the sea turtle that had been hurt and therefore swam with her butt in the air. Or the sharks. The sharks were cool, too.

13: Number of times they changed the departure time on Sarah's flight home. She finally got on the plane around 9 p.m. for her 5:30 p.m. flight.

10: Time Sunday night I was supposed to get home.

2: Time Monday morning I actually made it home.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Fat Tuesday

I'm not really a give-it-up-for-Lent person. Usually, the Lenten season starts before I realize it and I miss the chance to give up something that I think makes my life better but probably actually has the opposite effect.

But not this year. No, this year I'm ahead of the game. Lent starts tomorrow and today I have an empty 3 Musketeers wrapper lying on my desk representing the last of the "sweets" for me until Easter.

Now, "sweets" means food. So if you see me guzzling a Diet Coke don't feel the need to remind me of my Lenten promise unless you want the empty Diet Coke can flung at your head.

Speaking of me doing violence to you: this blog serves as a warning. Beware. I'm giving up sweets for more than a month. The fact that sugar has the ability to make me so happy and the lack of sugar has the ability to make me a cranky mess is just ONE of the reasons I knew the sweets had taken over too much of my life, and therefore needed to be given up.

But me realizing that doesn't mean I will be any less cranky during my first donut withdrawal. Just FYI. I can't be responsible for my actions.


On a completely unrelated note, I went to the YMCA last night and they had purchased treadmills with personal televisions attached. WHOOO HOOO!

This is exciting because:

1. * Now I don't have to try to get there early to get the really good magazines. ** Who wants to READ when you can watch TV?

2. I can run while watching a svelte television actress prance around, only encouraging me to KEEP RUNNING TOWARD THE GOAL of looking like Carrie. Or even better - Samantha! OK, at least shoot for Miranda.

3. Free cable! Whee! (says the girl without cable.)

* If you get there after 5 p.m. you're stuck with Parenting or Bike Riding Weekly or Newsweek while the girl next to you is reading the latest on JLo and Justin Timberlake. The most important thing in choosing a workout magazine is to get one with lots of pictures because who can really READ while running? Sheesh.
** Crap, I just verbalized the main problem facing my chosen profession.

Friday, February 16, 2007


I feel like flying to Mexico, grabbing a couple of Diet Cokes, maybe some Coronas and a cooler and planting myself on a beach and staring listlessly into the ocean. Yes. I need to do this for at least three days - only leaving to go sleep in a big fluffy white cloud-like bed.

Mexico is best because then you don't have to talk to anyone because you don't speak Spanish. And since all I'll be doing is sitting under and umbrella, sipping ice cold Diet Cokes all day it's not like I'll need to do a lot of conversating.

Someone once told me the crawdads down there talk, but only in Spanish. If I see any I'll just pick them up and throw them in the ocean because it would be really annoying to be trying to let my brain drain out of my ears and hear crawdads chattering in Spanish.

They are small, so you can throw them.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

... and then I shoved that peanut butter and chocolate brownie in my face.

Yesterday I went to the mall.

I was on a mission to find a black cardigan sweater to replace the fabulous Gap cardigan that I have prety much worn out.

So, with the Gap gift certificate that Brother and SIL gave me for Christmas in hand, I marched into the mall after work yesterday and made a bee-line to Gap.

Before I go on, please understand that a black cardigan is very neccessary in any woman's wardrobe. It was especially needed because I wanted to wear these gray w/pink pinstripe pants to an upcoming job interview and the pants look very much good with a black cardigan. But not my trashy wornout cardigan.

Upon arriving in Gap I realized several things.

1. Despite the fact that it was 14 degrees out and the northern states were dealing with minus double-digit temperatures, Gap was displaying its spring line. As I stared in horror at the cropped cargo pants and three-quarter-length sleeves made of light weight material it occurred to me that maybe I've outgrown Gap. I mean, any respectable and GROWN UP retail outlet surely wouldn't be displaying its spring line in February.


So, I turned my nose up at Gap, noted that I'd come back later and buy that FABULOUS belt and maybe those shoes and maybe that really cute shirt, and walked out.

I visited Express, New York and Company, Macy's, Dillards and Banana Republic where I learned that:

1. EVERYONE is displaying their spring lines.

2. NO ONE sells black cardigan sweaters that weigh more than a t-shirt and have more than one button.

Heck, I even went to Ann Taylor, where the lady sneered at my request for a BLACK CARDIGAN - A HEAVY ONE - WITH MORE THAN ONE BUTTON and suggested I shop at Talbot's. I think that was a dis, but I DID go to Talbots and they didn't have what I wanted either. Not even close.

At this point I was a little crazy in the head and had a pounding "need-to-eat-or-someone-will-die" headache, so I went to Mrs. Fields and ordered something called a Peanut Butter Decadent Delight Can't You Feel Your Rear Getting Bigger and then I shoved that peanut butter and chocolate brownie in my face.

This propelled me on to Eddie Bauer and White House Black Market. You'd think White House Black Market would have something as simple as a BLACK FLIPPING CARDIGAN. No.

Anyhow, I gave up. I held tightly to some awesome trouser jeans I'd picked up at New York and Company and was dashing toward the door when I realized that I was dashing in the WRONG DIRECTION and almost fell to the floor in a sniveling mess whimpering things like "I just w-wanted a c-c-cardigan. A black one. With m-more than one b-b-button."

I was saved by the fact that I turned and found myself in front of The Limited, which had no black cardigans but did have a black turtle neck, which after looking through 30-billion smalls and extra-smalls I found a medium, tried it on and bought it.

I have two other black turtle necks.

I'm taking it back. But not today.

Thursday, February 01, 2007



I am so tired today. My little eyeballs just can't seem to stay open.

In other news, according to experts people who are suffering from sleepless nights shouldn't take naps. I am so totally screwed.

And one more thing ...