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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Pot Roasts

The term "pot roast" can be used to describe either the cut of beef or the cooking method. A pot roast is usually browned then covered and braised with vegetables in some liquid. After cooking, the remaining liquid is often thickened or cooked down to make a gravy or sauce, and the meat might be served with potatoes or sliced and served over noodles. Pot roasts can be cooked on the stovetop, in a crock pot or in the oven.

According to "The Dictionary of American Food and Drink," the term "pot roast" dates in print to 1881. Even though the pot roast method was originally devised to cook tougher cuts of beef, it's still a favorite with today's more tender cuts of beef.

It's easier to find tasty and tender beef cuts today, but inexpensive chuck is still the preferred cut for the most flavorful and juicy pot roast.

Other good choices are brisket, rump roast, and top and bottom round. Grocery stores often stick a helpful label on roasts to indicate the best method of cooking, and some even indicate what cuts of meat are good in the crockpot.

Preparation usually includes seasoning then browning the meat, which enhances the flavor and adds color. Liquids might include water, broth, wine, cola or beer, and a variety of vegetables can be added to flavor the meat or make it a complete meal.

P.S. if you're wondering why I'm writing about pot roasts, see the "Just humor him ..." posting.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Fifteen things to do with string. (Good LORD, where does he come up with this stuff?)

15. Put it around your neck and call it a necklace.

14. Use it to tie shut a bag of milk. (See www.adetrich.blogspot.com Nov. 15 posting "10 steps Toward Lactose Intolerance)

13. Use it to thread popcorn for a Christmas tree. You'll only do that once.

12. Use it as a measuring unit when you and your crazy aunt, who works at Home Depot and measures something EVERY DAY, are trying to hang pictures and don't have a tape measure.

11. Lay two pieces next to each other and make an "11."

10. Get a really, really, really long piece and run it around and through all the crap on a good friend's porch, making it impossible to get out the front door. Then fork his yard.

09. Use it as oars. Wait, that's shovels.

08. Put it around your wrist and call it a bracelet.

07. Spray it on someone (silly string.)

06. Use it to hang keyboards and mice from the newsroom ceiling on April Fool's Day. (yes, I said MICE. I'm with Stacy.)

05. Put it around your waist and call it a belt.

04. Tie shut the passenger side door of your truck after your stupid older brother and his stupid friend take it mudding one day during lunch and jump a stupid terrace and break the door forever.

03. Use it as a leash. (for animals or people)

02. Attach a long piece to the pull chain that shuts off the light on your ceiling fan. Then, attach the bottom of the string to the hook part of a hanger. making it possible for you to use your foot to turn off your light while laying in bed.

01. Keep it in your pocket.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Six reasons to run over things

6. Because it was in the way.
5. To break the ice (literally)
4. Because you were chasing it and accidentally caught it.(Janet Gfeller and the chicken)
3. To entertain. (ketchup packets)
2. Because your car is bigger and you can.
1. Just to see how it feels. (This only applies to inanimate objects like the skinny construction cones.)

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Four things I can cook

I'm sure brother gave me this topic to poke fun at my limited cooking skills. However, I submit that I would be a great cook if I devoted more time to it. However, just like brother's reasoning for not knowing his way around Ithaca despite living there for three years - I just don't care.

Four things I can cook and why that's impressive:

4. Chicken Cordon Bleu. The crazy aunt taught me how to make this. I'm pretty damn good at it, and I really, really like using the meat cleaver. Plus, it takes a certain amount of skill to wrap chicken around ham and cheese.

3. Italian meatloaf. This is impressive because it demands a certain amount of pain tolerance in the preparer. Cracker crumbs and egg have to be kneaded into the very cold hamburger, causing the hands to go numb.

2. Pudding. Hey, that's a lot of stirring.

1. Shortcake with mandrin oranges. I get creativity points for replacing strawberries with madrin oranges.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Eleven things I (dislike) about my neighbors

Brother's original topic was "Eleven things I hate about my neighbors." However, on this blog, we do not hate. We sometimes hope people's asses catch on fire, but we do not hate.

Therefore, I will proceed with "Eleven things I (dislike) about my neighbors." Keep in mind that I moved to my apartment complex less than a month ago and haven't "met" any of my neighbors. There was the angry German lady who yelled at me for allowing one of my guests to park in her spot, but she never told me her name, so I don't count that as "meeting" her.

But in general, 11 things I dislike about my neighbors include:

11. If they hadn't built so close, my apartment would be really a lot bigger.
10. None of them are good-looking Christian men with a great sense of humor who also happen to be an heir to a multi-million dollar estate.
9. None of them offered to leave work early to help me move in.
8. Sometimes they get in the way of the maintenance men responding immediately to my needs.
7. None of them have offered to buy me a car OR pay my rent. Apparently, hospitality is dead.
6. There is a definite rift between the two-bedroomers and the one-bedroomers.
5. It's all their fault that the complex had to put in the very annoying speed bumps.
4. No one, not one neighbor, has ever told me how great they think I am.
3. If I moved out, I'm sure they'd act like they didn't notice even though it'd be killing them inside.
2. I've been late to work several times because no one is responsible enough to come wake me up in the morning.
1. That one German lady was really mean.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Eight ways

Eight ways my mood changes around the holidays/during winter

1. I'm more tired. This is caused not only by the crazy scheduling during the holidays but also by the fact that I never get as much sleep in the winter as I do in the warmer months. It's all my feet's fault. They get cold and I have to violently rub them together and against the flannel sheets to try to warm them up. Then my legs get tired and I hold still and my feet get cold again. I've started wrapping an extra blanket just around my feet, and that is helping. Sleeping in socks is not an option.

2. I'm less motivated. It's hard to be motivated when you know that you're only working half a week and then in a month you'll get more days off. Plus, my sources get even more vacation during the holidays than I do, so even if I'm at work, I can't get ahold of anyone I need to talk to anyway. Also ... it's fricking cold.

3. I have more inhibitions. This is a direct result of having to wear socks. Not being able to slip off my sandals and be barefoot for most of the day makes me kinda stuffy.

4. I get giggly and sentimental. This is especially around the holidays or whenever it snows. I love it when it snows.

5. In January I get a little cranky because I'm tired of being cold. In February I'm completely sick of cold weather and by March, I, along with the rest of the city, become homicidal.

6. I become more disorganized and forgetful. This also is a direct result of having to wear socks. Actually, it's the result of having ot wear multiple layers of clothing, plus a coat, ear thingys, gloves and a scarf. I can barely keep track of myself when I'm naked - it's just nuts when I have multiple layers of clothing to look after.

7. I develop a strong fodness for snuggling and warm drinks with alcohol in them.

8. I'm more thankful for all of the richness God has blessed me with. During the holidays, I am reminded of why I love my family and how merciful God has been to me. I'm reminded that the "thorns" in my life are nothing compared to what others are going through and that God's grace is sufficient for me. The cold weather reminds me of how feeble I am and that in all things - physical, spiritual, mental and emotional - I need to rely not on myself or even on those who love me, but on God.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Three memories

As promised - I'm making my way down brother's inane list of blog topics.
Today's topic is:

Three memories involving rocks or sticks:

1. When I was a senior in high school, a bunch of my basketball teammates got together at my house one night. A group of juniors on the team had also gathered only a mile away at Amanda Altwegg's house to watch "The Blair Witch Project."
Being seniors, we collected sticks and formed them into the little dolls from the movie. We drove to Altwegg's and hung them on the front porch, knocked on the door and hid.

Amanda (a.k.a. Big Man, soon to be Big Man Hands)opened the door and started screaming. She was joined by the rest of the juniors.

Aparently, someone wearing her letter jacket with her name spralled across the back was spotted running away and the juniors started devising a payback.

A few hours later they drove to my house and "floured" my car. Only they got the wrong car - they floured my mom's convertible, which I had been driving to school - and not my old black truck. So, mom had to deal with her car filling up with flour everytime the AC turned on, and not me.

She gave them all fits. The juniors obviously were horrible prankers.

2. The first time I ever got drunk was at Tara Lindahl's house. Her parents were out of town and I was a sophomore. The fact that I could spend the night (wouldn't have to drive) and that it was summertime (no conflicts with sports or student council) created a situation in which there was really no reason not to drink tequilla shots (11 to be exact).

Annnyhow, I ended up having a great time that included some quasi-skinny dipping (I still had some inhibitions and left my underwear and bra on) It was so much fun slipping and sliding over the rocks that I didn't notice that they were cutting up my feet. Until the next day. I was lifeguarding at the time and literally COULD NOT WALK with bare feet, which was essential to lifeguarding. It took a LONG time for my feet to heal and I didn't get drunk again until my senior year. (that wasn't that much fun either. I threw up at about 10 p.m. and passed out in Steve's truck. No wonder I gave it all up. :) )

3.When we were younger, brother proudly displayed all of the geodes (it's a fancy rock)he had found while traipsing along a creek bed in the woods just west of our house. I think the only reason he did this was to make me feel inadequate because no matter HOW HARD I TRIED I could NEVER find geodes.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Just humor him ...

The "older sibling" syndrome is raring its ugly head and brother is demanding that I update my blog. I can only guess that he's doing this not because he's bored and needs entertainment, as he claims, but because he is worried that my boss will fire me if I don't waste a steady amount of time each week on blogspot.com.

So, to appease older cranky brother while still maintaining some independence, I compromised.

"Brother," I e-mailed. "Give me a topic and I'll write."

Here are his topics:
Top 5 Things That Sound Very Exciting to A Journalist, But Sound Boring to Everyone Else

Three Memories that Involve Rocks or Sticks

8 Ways My Mood Changes Around The Holidays/During Winter

11 Things I Hate About My Neighbors

4 Things I Can Cook (and why that is impressive)

6 Reasons to Run Over Things

Top 15 Things to Do With String

Pot Roasts

If My Face Was A Mood Ring, It Would Be Red Right Now

Santa Clause and Other Communists

I'm going to start at the top, and I vow to make a topic out of each item on his stupid list.

So, today's topic is:

Top five things that sound very exciting to a journalist but sound boring to everyone else:

5. Free food
Granted, many people may enjoy free food, but I've never seen a group of people get down right giddy at the prospect of not having to pay for one's own dinner.
The reaction, I'm guessing, is due to the fact that we don't have a lot of time to eat and don't have much money, either. The phrase "paper pays" is enough to put a smile on even the most cynical journalist's face.
Also, free pizza laid out in a conference room during election night is almost like Christmas.

4. White space
The amount of white space used when designing a paper is very important. "More white space is better" should be the 11th commandment. For some journalists, looking at a page with lotsa white space is almost orgasmic. In fact, I've heard someone say, "I want to make love to this page" more than once.

3. How tight or loose we are
It's common to hear the phrase "We are really tight today" or "Holy crap we are so loose" in most newsrooms around production time. How "tight" or "loose" the paper is - or how much room there is for stories - is usually the deciding factor in whether the newsroom as a whole is having a good day or a bad day - therefore, it's very exciting and important.

2. Anytime anyone screws with the First Amendment. You've now pissed off a profession that buys its ink by the barrel (to quote a former Collegianite). Normal people might get frustrated by this - maybe even "outraged." We don't just get frustrated, and we don't stop with outrage. We wage war, and even if we don't win, it's very, very exciting.

1. Free pens.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Adios coach


Ok, so it's a bit sappy, but still kinda cool to see all the old clips.

Out of Control

So there I am, sitting at a Chamber of Commerce Luncheon.
The speaker of the Kansas House of Representative Doug Mays was the guest speaker and they sent me to cover the event.

This morning I took care to look as professional as possible in my pinstriped pants, sleek books and dark purple fitted turtle neck.

Even though I hate these stupid luncheons I arrived early to make sure I wasn't the last person through the doors, which is typical.

I talked to sources and generally smiled at people, all the while thinking (in a news anchorish voice) "Eeds, reporter extraordinare, uses expert skills to better cultivate current sources while being just the right amount of 'professional' mixed with 'cute young girl' to draw attention of potential future sources."

By the time I sat down at a table between a school district superintendent and an assistant city administrator, I was feeling pretty good. Others at my table inquired about my job and the cities I covered. I spoke with decisiveness about the going ons of retail redevelopments and protest petitions while managing to eat a particularly cumbersome salad.

Just as the waiters served our main dish, Mr. Speaker stepped to the podium. With my best nonchalant look, I set down my fork and knife and picked up my notepad. I smiled when the others at the table joked about getting me a doggy bag, all the while thinking "Eeds, reporter extraordinare, quietly sets aside the only food she's had all day to make sure the story is reported accurately."

Mr. Speaker started talking - I started writing - He talked fast, but I kept up, my hand only cramping slightly. I could feel the eyes of my tablemates upon me - all of them no doubt thinking "What a professional young woman. Look how she sets aside her food and writes diligently. I'll be her paper is really glad to have her. Maybe I should get her autograph before she wins a pulitzer."

With new motiviation to continue this selfless quest to pen the best damn chamber luncheon story ever written, I flipped the page on my notebook.

And that's when it happened.

My bra came unhooked.

Apparently, my chest was so swelled with pride that it became completely out of control and the bra just gave up.

Of all the fricking days to wear a form-fitting sweater.

There was no escape and Mr. Speaker had now SLOWED DOWN and was dragging on and on.

My mind flodded with possible ways to re-hook my bra without the entire room noticing. It was no good - there was no way. I sat stiffly through the rest of the speech. When Mr. Speaker had FINALLY finished, I said polite goodbyes. Luckily it was pretty cold in there so, faking coldness, I crossed my arms across my chest and fled the room.

Once in my car, I struggled with the difficult task of rehooking a bra while fully clothed and decided that it was, indeed, a good idea NOT to try to do that while seated between Mr. Superintendent and Mr. Assistant City Administrator.

However, Mr. Janitor emptying trash near my car got a pretty good show.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

If I could be anywhere ...

I would be at mom's house in my bed with the windows open taking a nap underneath a worn quilt.


I'd be on the beach in Florida with my lawn chair strategically placed so that the tide overtook just my feet. I'd be reading James Herriot novels until my eyelids got heavy and then I'd drift off to sleep listening to the waves break.


I'd be in a pool, swimming laps with only the underwater lights on and no one to get in my way.


I'd be driving down a country road with Jackie - windows down and the radio up.


I'd be getting a massage in a warm, dark, quiet room.


I'd be stretched out on my new red couch - a favorite disney movie in the dvd player and home-made popcorn (not out of a bag) in a bowl next to a Dr. Pepper.


I could just go on and on and on.

In reality, I'm at my office, waiting for a source to call me back. He's not going to call and therefore, I'm not going to get the story done before I leave at 2 p.m. to get back for Grandma's funeral.

Yesterday, I cared about work. Today, I don't.

I think after a month and a half of crazy hours and crazy sources ... my mind has already headed south to the beach or at least west to the country.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

It has taken me five minutes to think of a title...

Edie's "I'm stressed out" to-do list

1. Make lists.
2. Forget to eat.
3. Get a sore throat.
4. Get bombarded with extra work that I would've loved to have had it been ANY OTHER WEEK.
5. Fall - face first - onto my couch (any couch will do) and stay that way for 45 minutes. This is also known as "crashing."
6. Have extra meetings pop up.
7. Get a long-time city administrator to announce his retirement at noon the day before I leave work for three days.
8. Read murder trial coverage that has nothing to do with me, my job or Kansas in general. (but it's very good. Go to www.yourmomonline.com)
9. Argue with brother about why my blog is better than the Bohemian's.
10. Make 1,000 trips to the bathroom. (my bladder gets smaller, apparently, when I'm stressed and have a lot to do.)

Thursday, November 03, 2005

anger anger anger anger

Today is a little better than yesterday. Just a little bit though.
One of the tough things about my job is that you have to deal with ignorant lying people, and you have to be nice about it.

Even when you want to hold the phone at arms length and yell (in jim carrey Liar Liar-esque way) "NEVER call me again!" -- you can't.

This ONE person has come the CLOSEST to making me question if I really want to be in this field for the rest of my life. This trouble-maker is making my life (for the past two days) miserable.

But ... this is the last I'll talk of it. I don't like the words that are coming out of my mouth.