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Monday, October 31, 2005

The neurotic nester

The weekend was good, but not nearly as restful as I had hoped.
The crazy aunt and I managed to paint my apartment and hang pictures.

My furniture came on Saturday morning and is FABULOUS.

One random phone call to brother to find out how much weight a DVD player could handle/how my living room dynamics should come together, and I found places for all of my furniture. (it was a rivoting conversation)

All I have to do now is set out knick-knacks ... and paint something on my bathroom walls ... and hang some more pictures that are being framed ... get some flower/stick arangments ...

Ya know, it really never ends - this whole nesting thing. I don't understand why we women do this ... it's like how dogs paw at blankets and turn a million circles until finally settling down, only to decide their "nest" isn't perfect yet so they have to get back up to work on it some more.

Last night I was exhausted by 8, but I found myself jumping up and doing one more thing until 11 - this table shoud go here; no, here; no, there; no - where i had it in the first place. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?

It's not me, it's my gender. I've watched other women do the exact same thing. It's the whole reason places like Crate and Barrel and Pottery Barn are doing so well.

What is the objective - what am I working toward when I move a framed picture to a dozen different locations before deciding it should go on THIS wall, only to hang it a little too low and then have to move it up half an inch.


Half an inch (figuratively speaking) doesn't bother me in other aspects of my life. I'm not an exact-change kind of gal, I don't care if the bill is split right down the middle, I hate maps and itineraries and sometimes I wear shorts and flip flops in the middle of winter. But when it comes to that damn picture on the wall ...

I'm neurotic. I already knew that, so I guess this shouldn't have surprised me.
But it did, after all, I'm neurotic.

Thursday, October 27, 2005


Every morning (since Tuesday) I wake up, walk into my living room and look out my sliding glass door.

There is a flock of birds that sits on telephone lines outside my house.

Yesterday morning, there was a bunch of birds on the telephone lines and another bunch in a nearby tree.

The bunch in the tree would do that swoopy flying thing over the telephone lines and a bunch of the telephone birds would join them and go back to the tree. THis happened several times until there were almost no telephone birds.

Then, a bunch of rebel tree birds flew back to to the telephone lines and stayed there.

This morning there weren't as many birds, but the behavior was kinda similar.

I wonder if the birds have to fly around to warm up, because they look really fricking cold.

The end

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

K-Duck's rocketship

This guy used to work at the paper I work at. I came here in November and he left a couple of months later, so I don't really know him, but I think he's a fantastic writer.

Check him out:

Because I've found it's impossible to suggest one person's web site with out suggesting others' and not offend anyone, here is the list of blogs I check out on a daily basis:

A magnificent gal:
She likes cold weather and hates hot weather. For more craziness (and a look at a beautiful heart) go to magsnificient.blogspot.com.

My favorite KU alumnus:
For a look at a co-worker's commentary that is usually a little over my head, but nevertheless interesting, go to www.jacksonshole.blogspot.com

Twofer Tuesdays are my fav.

One of us is adopted:
We haven't figured it out yet, but there is no way I'm related to brother. For a look at someone who seems to be about as opposite from me as it gets, go to www.whitehatblackhat.blogspot.com. (On his site, find addresses for his crazy, lovable friends.) P.S. definitely read about the Spanish-speaking crawdads.

She may be little but she'll kick your ass
She's in love with the First Amendment. She hates Fox News. Her news judgment is impecible. She works with a bunch of crazy teenagers and is a Sex in the City junkie. For insight on all of this and more, go to www.xanga.com/sarahqc

Also, it's important to go to www.kstatecollegian.com ; www.kcstar.com ; www.saljournal.com and www.cnn.com. On Mondays, check out www.postsecret.blogspot.com.

AND the yahoo comics page.

Have you ever wondered ...

If the green you see is the same color as the green other people see?

What exactly cuticles are?

Why guys have nipples?

What the inside of your mouth looks like when your mouth is closed?

Why a koozie is called a koozie? (surely one of you 1000 K boys know this)

If birds are really fricking cold on late October mornings when they're sitting on the telephone lines outside your window?

What other people are thinking about as you're sitting in traffic at 5 p.m. (Brother, I KNOW you don't wonder because you have your FDL and it would be revoked if you cared what other people were thinking.)

Why you can lay on your side and see things as if you were sitting up?

Why we blink when we blink?

Why are yawns contagious? (I'm yawning now, just thinking about it)

Why can't you keep your eyes open and sneeze?

Why people watch Fox News?

Monday, October 24, 2005


I am so tired.
I might just have to scream at someone.

Eeds in two more threes (thanks to brother for the ideas)
1. You're standing too close to me.
2. Oh sweet Jesus, make him/her shut his/her mouth.
3. You're a freaking crazy person, aren't you?

1. hammer
2. welcome mat
3. the ocean

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Eeds in threes

This post idea is stolen from a woman who stole it from some one else.

1. Finding a random scary man hiding under my bed.
2. All scary movies. (I haven't watched one since the Sixth Sense kept me sleep deprived for months.)
3. Going to hell.

TWO TRUTHS AND A LIE (can you figure it out?)
1. I love dark chocolate.
2. I love swimming after hours - when the only light comes from the underwater lights.
3. I know how to drive a combine.

1. God, friends and family
2. Music
3. Being able to write

1. The Carribean
2. Austria/Australia (c'mon, they are only two letters away from each other)
3. Africa

1. Play golf
2. Get bikini waxes (I pass out)
3. The butterfly (swimming stroke)

1. Go back to Rome and see the Sistine Chapel.
2. Learn how to drive a motorcycle.
3. Go on a cruise.

1. The kid on The Sandlot.
2. Donny on New Kids on the Block. (There was a "donny" right?)
3. I don't really have three for this one.

Whoooooooo hooooooo that was fun. :)

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

This is hilarious

My friend Anna sent me this link. TOO funny.


There is paint on my butt

I'm moving.

It's really a happy event. I'm leaving the over-built corner that I come home to every day and going to a portion of the city that development hasn't really touched yet.

At my new place, I'll be able to look out of my window and see a field instead of concrete, cars and one very pretty tree named "Steve."

I just can't wait. Happy, happy, happy.

Wait, did I mention that moving - and getting ready to move - sucks?

It does - big time.

My big yellow to-do list has come in very handy and I'm right on schedule. THis week I'm supposed to be packing and kilz-ing the walls of my current apartment which a year ago I painted yellow, red, purple and three shades of green. I know it sounds ugly but it was really nice.

I will NEVER again paint every square inch of an apartment because UN-painting it SUCKS.

I normally love painting. It's relaxing and it provides instant gratification. For example, that ugly white wall is now a beautiful shade of green.

But kilzing has much the opposite affect - that beautiful red wall is now half covered with white caaahraaaap and looks really really ugly.

Also, unlike normal water-based paint, kilz does NOT come off of skin very easily, as you can witness if you take a gander at my rear, which still has paint on it from two nights ago. (It has made it through two showers and a bath.)

How did you get paint on your rear, eeds? - (I know you're thinking it)

Obviously, I was painting in my underwear.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Diet Coke

Randomly enough, I like Diet Coke out of a can or bottle.

BUT, I don't like it as a fountain drink.


But, it's best out of a can.

Wait...Can I go home now?

Tuesday, October 11, 2005



gurgle gurgle.

SMACK -(that's my face hitting my keyboard)

Monday, October 10, 2005


It's 3 p.m. I've been working on adequate yearly progress/state assessment testing result stories for approximately four hours and I think my brain just exploded.

It wasn't nearly as loud as I thought it would be.

I hate No Child Left Behind. If it were a person, I would kick it in the shin.

Thursday, October 06, 2005


Lots of my friends have blogs now, which is fabulous because they are often more entertaining than anything I can find on CNN.

As I cruise around the web, looking the blogs of my friends and family, and the blogs of their friends and family who leave comments, I started noticing how people identify themselves.

"Mags," "Humble Correspondant," "White Hat Black Hat," "Vickdamone,"

Because blogging can get you in LOTS of trouble if you're identified, we all take lengths to use nicknames, or generalities when referring to ourselves. (Note the change in my web address.)

I'm Eeds. My friend Jared was the first to call me this - and it was the one nickname that stuck among a ton of others- Lizardbreath (for Elizabeth) Daisy Mae, Bricks, Ediemiester, Edith Anne, Ediot, Ed, Big Ed, Bro, bubbaloo, Edie-sweetie - to name a few.

Somehow "Eeds" made the jump from high school to college, from college to my first job and from my first job to my second job - which is pretty amazing. Thank God Big Ed didn't make the jump, although my friends Amanda a.k.a. "Big Man" and Jackie a.k.a. "Big Jack" still use that one once and awhile.

I like my nickname - it's not very creative though.

If you want creative, venture into brother's world.
His friends are "Pothead," a.k.a. the furry little hobbit, "Snot", "Pappy", "Captain Idiot" and "H.D." which can stand for the person's initials or Heavy Duty, whichever seems best at that moment. I think he also had a friend they called "goat," and I'll admit that one of my friends gained the nickname "Donkey," although I really really REALLY don't want to know why.

I don't think big brother himself ever had a nickname - but you all can correct me if I'm wrong.

Anyhow - it got me wondering - why do we get the nicknames we do? Or, if you don't have a nickname in real life, how did you pick the way you'd refer to yourself in your blogs or comments?

I would really love to hear some of these stories.