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Saturday, February 12, 2005

Killing time

Hey all-
Just killing time during my first weekend shift. I was really excited to come down here because it's the first time i get to work for the daily paper - thus my first chance at getting a story in the big paper.
The problem - no news to report on. I kinda figured they'd have an assignment for me, but so far - nothing.
I've killed two hours - six more to go.

So far, I've learned "what kind of cool" I am, and have figured out how I approach dating. Just so you all know, I'm a "Calm and cool" person, and I forget how I approach dating.

I just don't - I think that's the answer. :)

Things here are rolling right along. I like work more every week, and although I still miss the daily deadlines and covering breaking news, I am learning a lot.

I am really looking forward to spring, and am lonely for some friends right now. I've figured out I have to be patient and work at close friendships, and I've been blessed with a patient heart for that. But I just wish I had someone I could call up and say, let's go for a walk, or let's play in the snow.

Today, I went to the grocery store and ran into a girl who was a Kappa. HEr name is Lynn, and she's a year older than me. She's a really cool gal, and lives with another Kappa - Rachel. I gave her my phone number, and told her I'd love to hang out sometime, so hopefully she'll call.

I still haven't tried Yoga. I wanted to go to a class Friday, but when I got there, the room was dark, so I thought they had canceled the class. I biked instead and when I came back downstairs, I saw the class going on - they just had the lights dimmed.

Maybe I'll try to make it to a Sunday class.

Aunt Sheri is moving up here next weekend, and I'm pretty excited about that. Finally someone to talk to - to hang out with.

I still need my own friends, but having a loving home to go to after work will be a nice distraction from the apartment, which is getting a little lonely.

Wellll... guess that's it for me right now.
Love you all=