A little about a lot

Wednesday, August 25, 2004


For the last three days, all I've wanted to be is pleasing.
Pleasing to God first, and my bosses second.
It is just not working and I am disappointed.

Yesterday, I didn't meet either one of my goals, as I wasn't pleasing to God because I was selfish and stuck my nose where it didn't belong, and I also didn't please the editors - my stories were incomplete.

Today, I did better with God. I tried to stay focused on Him and just work hard - but I don't think I did so great with the bosses. Last night, as I was working out after work, I was thinking about the types of mistakes I had been making. I decided I just needed to stick to the rules of journalism I knew before coming here- three sources per story, and work toward quality not quantity.

I had really been focusing on getting a lot of stories done, but then they were incomplete and not very good.

So this morning, I had this plan, and followed it. I started working on this story about the YMCA and tried to go above and beyond - getting tons of sources - the executive director, a program director and even a aerobic instructor. But, it didn't end up being what the editors wanted - the story wasn't really as timely as they thought - so they had me reduce it to a brief for the time being.

Then, they had me add to it - because the brief wasn't complete. a;ldsfkja;ldsfkja;ljdksf

I'm not frustrated with them, I'm frustrated with me. I can't seem to get this thing right. I want them to criticize me when I'm doing something wrong, but I just wish I wasn't wrong so often.

I know I'm young, I know I have a lot to learn, but it feels like I'm screwing up on the basics.

I also wrote about this church fire and after an editor looked at it - every single sentence that wasn't a quote was rewritten. It was way better after he changed it - but I hate it that I can't write well enough to where he doens't feel like he needs to change my stuff.

If I could just find out whether or not I had a permanent job here, that would help. I'm just disappointed in myself. But I'll keep at it - it will work out.

adios for now

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

The perfect lunch

I had fruit, shade and a nap today for lunch - and it can't get much better. I usually go out ot hte park and lay on blanket to have some quiet time with God, but today just seemed extra amazing. The shade was perfect, the fruit was really good and I just got to rest for about 15 minutes.

Today I read 2 Thessalonians. Good stuff.

I'm headed off to work on a story about Gall Mites (they eat bindweed) being introduced to Saline County and then back to the computer. Hope you all are having a great day.

Here's something that caught my eye today. I'm still trying to wrap my mind around it.

2 Thessalonians 3:13 —
Brothers and sisters, do not be weary in doing what is right.


Monday, August 23, 2004

A good answer

1 Thessalonians 5:14-18

And we urge you, beloved, to admonish the idlers, encourage the fainthearted, help the weak, be patient with all of them.
See that none of you repays evil for evil, but always seek to do good to one another and to all.
Rejoice always, pray withough ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.

Friday, August 20, 2004

Ohhhhhhhhh klahoma

It's 5:34 p.m., which means i'm almost through with work...will have a great workout and then am headed to Oklahoma to see Aunt Sheri and HANG OUT. I'm excited, but not looking forward to the drive.

Things started off really well here today, and then from about 1-3 p.m. they sucked, but they are back to good now. :) I am too impatient to explain so I will just say have a great weekend!


Thursday, August 19, 2004

Quick Day

The other day seemed to go so slow, and today is just the opposite - it's flying by. I wrote a quick story about a car restoration business this morning, and now I'm working on tracking down witnesses to a fatal accident that happened yesterday.

I haven't gotten very far, but it seems like the day has just FLOWN by. I can't believe it's 3:30 already.

Today I had lunch and a pretty good talk with dad, and I think the morning went quick because I was anticipating that.

There's really not much to talk about today. My story about the woman who was rescued from her car was picked up by the Associated Press, so that's kind of cool. Headed to the YMCA tonight and then home - then to work and Oklahoma tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it. :)

Guess that's it.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Big Toe

Somehow, at some point in time, I took a chunk of skin out of my toe. It was healing. Then, this morning, I was getting out of the shower and bumped it and it was one of those hurts that goes all the way up your body and makes you want to cuss, sit on the ground and cry.

But I didn't, because I was already late. (imagine that)

So, now I have a bandaid, which is making me feel better, but still - what a way to start your morning.

I am having a good day though. I went to a ground breaking this morning at Great Plains Land Pride in Abilene- let's hope this story turns out better than my last groundbreaking story when a hospital administrator ripped like none other.

Then, I'm just working on a couple of other stories - going swimming and going home. :)

I'm excited to get through this week because I'm heading to Oklahoma Friday after work to just HANG out with the Okies. :) It will be fun.

I got to talk to my friend Katie, who lives in California, last night. It was really really great to talk to her. I miss her a ton and wish I could get down there to see her. I'm not sure how long i have to work before I get vacation time....I guess we'll see. :) Maybe I could swing it over a holiday weekend or something.

Yesterday seemed like it had a few extra hours jammed into it between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. I wrote three stories and a brief and was still finished by about 4:30 - then my brain was DONE.

One of the stories was about a woman who was rescued from her burning car after she wrecked. The man who rescued her got her across the road to safety and had a heart attack and ended up dying. Her story was really sad. It made me cry. I've been praying for her. She also lost her father to a heart attack when she was 17. Wow. I also wrote a story about this outbreak of Norwegian scabies at a local nursing home. Ewww eww ewwww. It gives me the heebie jeebies. In regular scabies, a person has 10 to 15 mites in thier skin. In Norwegian scabies, a person can literally have ONE MILLION mites in their skin. ewwwwwwdsjflajksfdlajsdflj. blech.

I had a good workout last night, but my body is starting to get angry with me - when I lay down at night, I just kind of hurt. I think I'm doing a little too much a little too often, so I'm going to try to tone it down a little until I'm in better shape and can handle it.

Today is the first day of classes for K-State, so I hope all of my friends there are enjoying syllabus day. :) It's really kinda weird to not be going back, but I think it will really hit me in October or so when it feels like there is no reason for me not to be in school.

Well, that's about it for me this morning.
Love you all

Monday, August 16, 2004


Allow me to tell you about how I was blessed this weekend (well, how i'm blessed ALWAYS, but really realized it this weekend), as I sit here and eat my ham sandwich for lunch. ;)

Saturday I woke up semi-early and wrote two stories at home. Then I e-mailed them to myself and ran over to Salina to put them into our server. They ran today and were supposed to be written Friday, but I ran out of time.

Then, while I was over here, I went to the YMCA and got in a few laps. It felt good to be in the pool again. Then, since I wasn't in a hurry, I sat in the steam room for awhile before going out to the weight room to lift. I LOVE the steam room. It is AWESOME. :) Kinda gross if you think about other people being in there, but I had my towel and I was alone, so I was OK. Anyhow, then I had a good work out and headed home.

I decided to detour to Nanaw and Par's house for an amazing par-made sandwich (refer to past blog about a par sandwich) and then just hung out and watched baseball and golf all afternoon. I took a nap, drank a Dr. Pepper - can it get much better? YES.

At about 5:30 p.m. I decided I should head home to get ready for a concert I was going to with Jackie and Mark in Manhattan. As I was leaving, Nanaw gave me a piece of paper and said, "Read this when you get a chance." Those of you who know me well, know that I got a chance about two blocks down the road when I pulled over to satisfy my curiosity.

It was her testimony. (yes, yes, I have Nanaw's WRITTEN testimony, and I am NOT giving it up like I gave up Mamaw's wedding ring or more of Aunt Ruth's silver — that's for you, power women. But i will share. :) )

Oh my gosh...my Nanaw has an amazing, amazing testimony. I cried. Then I drove back the two blocks and hugged her and cried some more. I am soooo blessed to even know that lady . And her husband.. :)

Then, I finally got home, got to Manhattan and made it to the last hour of the concert. Had my night ended there, it would've been perfect, but I still had to go to Jared's party.

It wasn't as bad as it could've been, and I enjoyed seeing friends I hadn't seen since high school. I didn't enjoy the constant hugging from some of my guy friends who become a little touchy when they are drinking, but they didn't mean any harm. The smoke finally became unbearable so I said my goodbyes, told Jared I loved him, and came home and showered.

then, Sunday - I didn't do a darn thing. I slept in, never got out of my pajamas and organized my room with the hope that I will know sooner than later if I'm going to be able to stay in Salina and move here. I washed my sheets and threw two trash bags of crud away. Ahhhhh....refreshing. Devin called, and it was good to talk to him on the phone, although I feel so out of it as far as what he's been up to that it wasn't a really easy conversation, and that was hard to realize.

Then, this morning I had an assignment at 8 a.m. so i had to get up and around early. It means I only have to work until 5 p.m., which gives me time to swim, do the steam room and work out. :) Yay.

My assignment this morning was these retired teachers who play golf on the first day of school to celebrate retirement. It was a quick, fun story. :)

Then I went to cops, then I went to interview this guy - recovered addict since he was 14 - who had divine inspiration in his job as a landlord. VERY cool guy - wore a tie-dyed shirt. :) So, I'll probably write that today.

Right now, I'm gonna go get myself a Dr. Pepper. :)

I love you guys!

p.s. Steve and Stacy left for the Dominican Republic today. I'm praying for their safety and for them to have a nice, relaxing time -any one wanna join me?

p.p.s. how weird is it that this is the first August in 17 years that I'm not getting ready to go back to school? Whoah.

Friday, August 13, 2004

Cows and Horses

Today I'm back on the farm. I'm doing a story about the Kansas All-Breeds Junior Dairy Show that is in Salina right now and in about an hour, I'm going to Ellsworth to do the story on the horse drill team women.

I haven't been incredibly productive today, mostly because no one will call me back. :( It's beautiful outside and that is making me want to get away from this computer.

I had a great drive over here this morning, and that has kind of set the tune for the day - plus it's casual Friday and blue jeans always make me happy.

I'm thinking I'm going to have to come back over here on Sunday to get a few stories done, but it will only take a couple of hours, so it will be fine.

That's it for me! Adios and have a good weekend!

Thursday, August 12, 2004

One more hour

It's almost the end of the day, and I'm just getting to this. This cold is starting to get the better of me, and I don't feel like I've got much accomplished today. I wrote a story on Jaime Fall, who works for Schwarzenegger. He turned out to be just as cool as I had hoped. His faith and need to be obedient to God is what has driven him and made him successful. I love being able to tell those stories.

Then I wrote a quick story on a Salina man who is in the hospital for West Nile that he got last year. But that's about it. I went to Nanaw and Par's this morning to eat lunch. Par made me an amazing ham sandwich. It was awesome - so awesome I'm still thinking about it. :)

I have about 40 minutes left of work today and then I MIGHT go lift weights and then go home. I got plenty of sleep last night, so I think I'm dragging because of the cold. It seems to be hanging on to me pretty well.

I'm kind of dreading the next few days. Tomorrow night I'm going to Ellsworth for a story. I'm excited about the story, but not excited about the late night. Then, Saturday, my buddy Jared is having a going away party. His National Guard unit has been called up, so he's invited all of his high school and college friends for one last party. Sounds like fun, huh? Well, it would be, except that he's having it at the American Legion in Chapman. I hate hate hate that place. I don't like to see old people drinking and I hate to see old people drunk. Hate hate hate it.

Jared told me he knew he was putting me in a tight spot asking me to come there, he knows how I feel, and why I feel that way, but he really wanted me to come. He is one of the only people who means enough to me to get me to go to that place - I just hope it's not as bad as I'm imagining it could be.

Tomorrow I have a ton of stories to work on, so I hope I have a little more energy than I do right now!


Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Ahhhnold's boy

Today I'm am working on a couple of interesting stories, and still fighting this cold and the stupid medicine I have to take for it. But I'm raring to go on these stories because I think they will turn out cool. I"m still working on the story about Salina Municipal Band director Eric Stein, hopefully I'll get that done today - I just need to talk to a few more people.

Also, at 11 a.m., I have an interview with Jaime Fall, who is a Cloud County man who was appointed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to develop policy recommendations for the Agency Secretary adn the Governor's Cabinet office on issues relating to the programs of teh Agricultural Labor Relations Board, teh California Workforce Investment Board, the Department of Industrial Relations, the Employment Development Department, California Unemployment Insurance and the Employment Training Panel. Whew. Don't worry, I'll make it all make sense in the article.

Anyhow, in reading Mr. Fall's resume, it became clear that his faith has led him in a few of the jobs he's done over the past decade, and that's always interesting to me. He also adopted two daughters from China - more interesting stuff - so I'm kinda psyched about that. Finally, I'm doing a story about hte pollen count being really high in Salina right now for Ragweed, but the interesting thing is that there are no allergists here in town....hmmmmmmm.

Gonna force myself to go to the Rec tonight - haven't been in a long time and won't be able to go on Friday, so I'm gonna go, unless I just feel like crap - maybe sweating will make me feel better.

That's it for me, I guess. Steve and Stacy left this morning, and I will really miss having them around - but I guess I'll adjust. :) I'm going to start looking for tickets to go see them. It will be nice to have them all to myself in Chicago. :)


Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Moley moley moley

Hello all - I'm not at work today, but had access to the net, so I thought I'd write really quickly. I had a dermatologist appt. this morning to get my moley moles checked out. I'm supposed to go every 6 months because there is a history of melanoma in my family - but it's probably been a couple of years since I last went, so I figured it was time.

The last time I went they had to remove a mole from my back, just for precaution. This time they took shavings off two moles to have biopsies done. If I don't hear back from the doctor, they turned out fine. If I do hear back, I probably will have to have one or both removed. It's not a big deal at all, just a hassle. :)

Anyhow, I'm enjoying my day off. I came back from the appointment and went back to sleep until noon or so, and then I came here, to mom's school, to help her in her classroom.

She is teaching a combined classroom of first and second graders this year, so I think she's a little anxious since she's never had to do that before. I don't envy her - but I know she'll do a great job - she's an amazing teacher and an even more amazing mom.

I'm still kinda sick - I thought I was over it last night, but I woke up feeling a bit worse. Nothing too bad - just not feeling 100 percent yet.

Steve and Stacy came by the school to say goodbye. They leave to go back to Chicago tomorrow morning and then go to the Dominican Republic next week. I'm so excited for them, they are going to have a blast. I'm going to start searching for tickets to go up and see them and their new place - so that's exciting too.

Well, that's about it for me! I love you all!

Monday, August 09, 2004


Well, it's 10 a.m., and I already made a mistake.
I went to cops this morning and thought that one of the reports I was reading was telling me that a Sheriff's office employee had been arrested for DUI, when, in fact, the officer only made the arrest.

So, I asked the Sheriff about it - and he didn't know what I was talking about, obviously - so I went back to check the report again, realized my mistake, and by the time I got back over to the sheriff's office - he was gone - checking on whether or not he had a deputy who was arrested for DUI. BLAH.

So I waited around for him, and finally came back to the Journal and just called and left a voice mail. Whoops.

I feel a bit better today, although the cold medicine I took is making me feel a little higher than a kite.

Today I am working on a couple of feature stories and doing some area calls to see if a storm last night caused any damage. I don't have much motivation because I'm tired, but hopefully I'll get revved up here in a bit.

That's about it for me for today.


Sunday, August 08, 2004

Man voice

Yesterday I had a sore throat.
Then, last night I went to the rodeo and rodeo dance with Steve and Stacy, and Steve's buddies, Zeb, Aaron (Pappy), Jeff (Snot) and Heath.
Today - I sound like a man.

The rodeo and dance were a lot of fun. I got to see people I hadn't seen in years including some grade school classmates. It was funny and beautiful to see those good ol' boys from kindergarten dancing with their girlfriends, fiancees or whatever. :) Darcy - who I've known since I was born, was also there, and Stacy Foltz, who I played basketball and volleyball with all through middle school and high school, also came.

I saw the Abelt boys - Steve's good high school friends, and Kody Chase and Tim Rusch - more of Steve's high school friends. It was just fun.

Today I am going BACK to the fair to do a story on the Draft Horse show and then also a wrap up of the fair. Thank goodness it's over today - I'm about faired out. :) I've made some friends though, so that's cool. Tonight I work until 10 - but if I can get done early, I'm going home early - I'm on the verge of being sick and don't really want to go all the way. It seems like every summer I get at least one really bad summer time cold, and I thought I was going to miss it this summer - but maybe not.

I got to wear more comfy blue jeans today. ahhhhhhh. It's so nice. :)

Tomorrow Ben is back - and the fair is over - and life will be smooooth sailing...if I can talk. :)

Love you all-

Friday, August 06, 2004

Forever in Blue Jeans

You know, there isn't much better than a great pair of blue jeans. I know you can relate, Aunt Sheri.

Today is casual friday, and I got to wear my NEW jeans that I bought Wednesday. I love them. They are absolutely perfect. They made me feel soo good all day. :)

I'm really glad it's the weekend though. Things here at the Journal are a little tense because we aren't used to having Ben, my boss, gone. We are working through it, but there is so much to do, and one less person to help organize that doesn't help.

Today was absolutely beautiful. I was so glad to get the chance to be outside at the fair today. I wrote two stories from it - and am just getting ready to head to the YMCA and then home. Tomorrow is Shannon Hartenstein's bridal shower and then I'm going to the Abilene Rodeo with Stacy and Steve. It should be fun.

I have to work again Sunday, so you all will get another "sunday special." Please don't hold your breath though. :)

Well, that's it for today. I know it's short, but my brain is done writing. :)


Thursday, August 05, 2004

Fairly tired

Hey all - today I've been at the Saline County Tri-Rivers Fair for most of the day, and just came back to start writing up some stories. It's been fun to be out and about, but I feel like a lot of time has been wasted by having me out there - I could've gotten my stories much more quickly and come back, but the boss wants us out there all day, so oh well. :)

I'm kinda bummed because I have to miss the Abilene Fair's parade and mom, Stacy and her mother, Peggy, are all in it being S.O.B.s - silly old broads. They dress up as crazy old ladies (not too far of a stretch for some) and walk in the parade, squirting people with water and handing out hershey Kisses that say "You've been kissed by and S.O.B." They have lots of fun. :)

My three stories are: 1. There's a birthing barn at the fair - and a chicago coulple was there, witnessing their first cow birth. 2. Some boys set up a chess booth, and people came to challenge the boys, play chess, etc. One of them was only 6! I don't know how to play chess and I'm 22. 3. Today was the big judging day - dairy, beef, swine, and sheep - so the story is about that.

Yesterday was fun - Steve and Stacy and Mom and I went shopping in Topeka after I got my hair cut in Manhattan. (LOVE the hair) I got two new pair of jeans, and The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis. I was pretty happy. :)

Tonight I'm excited to get back to the Rec, since I wasn't there for two days - then home. Tomorrow is casual friday - which is good. I finally get to wear JEANS to the fair. Today I wore a jean skirt and know people thought I was an idiot city kid. :) ahh well. :)


Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Tuesday in a Tailspin

Hey all,
It's been an interesting day already, and I just got to work. I had this morning off because today are primary elections, so I will be working late. Steve came by mom's and I got to hang out with JUST HIM, which NEVER happens. Then we ate lunch at Pizza Hut and then we went to Nanaw and Par's to hang out. Nanaw was getting ready to go to bridge and was using her nebulizer. I don't think Steve had ever seen it before and was a little uncomfortable, but he got used to it.

We got to take Nanaw to bridge and then came back and got an hour with JUST PAR, also something that hardley ever happens. It was really great - a true true blessing. I feel like I've poured time into those relationships now, and that feels good.

Then, I got to work and immediately went out for some spot news about a footchase and police needing medical attention. It ended up not being huge- I guess a guy fled from police and a citizen helped catch him. The injuries were minor and the guy was running because of a warrant out for his arrest. The guy who helped catch him, who wouldn't give me his name, was buddies with a buddy of Jeff's (photographer) - so it was fun to hear them all talk. All good ol' boys - I miss that. Jeff's buddy bought me Dr. Pepper and called me baby - guess I'll let him get away with it since he bought me the Dr. Pepper. ;)

Now, I'm getting ready to work on a story about Salina Municipal Band director Eric Stein not conducting this summer and how that has affected the band, etc. He's been sick, and hopefully, he'll talk with me about it. I think it's kinda touchy.

Tomorrow I have the day off, so I'm getting my hair cut in the morning and am going shopping with Mom, Steve and maybe Stacy in the afternoon - then I'm sleeping. :) Anyhow, I'm pretty excited about the next two days...they are looking like fun.
I love being with Steve, and other family - and I feel like today is pretty much smooth sailing, so I'm happy.

Love you all-

Monday, August 02, 2004

Growing up

The walk for the Compassionate Friends organization last night was really hard to report on. I hate asking people to relive their misery for me. The people I talked to didn't seem to mind, and were very helpful and open. When Jeff (photographer) and I left, I just felt so sick to my stomach. Those people have gone through such incredible pain, and some of them have lost numerous children.

I just don't understand why it has to happen- and seeing all the people and listening to the stories and reading the names of the children they have lost, made me realize it happens a lot more often than I thought.

Then, this morning as I was driving over here, I was thinking about it again and kinda praying for those people. I was praying to God about how awful it must be to lose a child, and then it hit me like a ton of bricks - He already knows how it feels - He lost His son. Then - that realization snow-balled, and I want to share this with you all.

Think about how it would affect your life to have a child die. Think how much worse it would be to know he or she died a brutal death in front of a mob of people - with no one who could help him or her. Then...think what it would feel like to, as that child's parent, have to turn away from that child, to have the power to save him or her and not do it, and to instead put the weight of all that had gone or would go wrong in the world on that child's shoulders as they died. You - their PARENT - having to do that.

It puts a little more power behind the verse about "God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten Son," doesn't it? It tore me up this morning. I know that my sins were on Christ's shoulders when He died so that I could be saved. It hurts, but I'm glad for the experience with the earthly parents who had lost a child, so now I better understand what God did for me.

P.S.- He did it for all of us, but He would've done it for JUST Me, or JUST YOU. I said thank you today, and I think you all should too. Sorry if that seems pushy, but I'm just being honest.

Today is looking pretty good. Despite my realization about losing a child this morning, I had a really great morning. I had some awesome prayer time in the car and it seems like I woke up to the perfect morning this morning - the sun was making my room that organgish color and it was just great.

I really don't have too much to work on at the Journal. I'm going to a church at 11 a.m. for a story about how they are offering meals in between the time that the Heartland Summer Food program stopped and school starts. I did a story about the summer feeding program earlier this summer, so it's kind of a continuation of that. The church will offer free food to children 18 years and younger. My guess is that they are doing this for children who are left at home during the day and wouldn't get a healthy, well balanced meal otherwise.

Then, I took on the fair beat - the Saline County Tri Rivers fair - so I'm writing a story about how the Dickinson and Saline county fairs are at the same time this year. Then, still working on some area primary election stories, and that's really it for today. Looks to be pretty laid back.

Tomorrow night I am staying late to help with elections, which I kinda think will be fun, and then I will hopefully have Wednesday off, I still need to talk to my boss about that tho. :)

That's it for me! Hope you are all having a great Monday-

Sunday, August 01, 2004

Sunday Special

Usually, I'm not at work on the weekends, so there are no new blogs, but today I have to work, so I thought I'd write a really quick one. :)

Weekends are fun because there are not many people and no bosses - which means I can walk around barefoot without worrying. :) Today I finished up a story about special questions that will appear on primary ballots and am going to two assignments this evening - one about 4-H clubs putting together floats for the Tri-Rivers fair and one about The Compassionate Friends local organization doing a walk-a-thon. THC is a national organization for people who have lost a child of any age to any cause. Parents and siblings, I think, can join to find support in peopel who have gone through or are going through what they are in losing a child.

It sounds like a neat deal - neat but really sad. I can't even imagine what it would be like losing a sibling, and of course I don't know what it's like to lose a child since I'm still the child. :) I remember trying to make myself think about what it would be like to lose Steve when I first learned about Devin losing his brother. It was awful to even think about - kept me up nights. I just can't imagine. So, Steve - be careful on those subways in Chicago - K?

Anyhow - I work until 10 and then it's back home. Steve and Stacy have been home since Thursday and it's been really good to see them. I bailed out on going to car races with them in Bellville last night, but hopefully we'll be able to hang out later. They are in Kansas for a couple of weeks I think, and then they are going to the Dominican Republic for a post-bar exam/law schoo/my-husband-is-in law school/studying-for-the bar-exam-and-I-have-to-deal-with-it vacation, and then I'm planning on heading to Chicago to hang with them for a few days. Can't wait.

I talked to my friend Matt, who I met in Italy last night. He just moved from Arkansas to North Carolina to work with Ameri Corps. It sounds pretty cool - he's been wanting to do this as long as I've known him - which isn't too long, but still. I'm really happy for him - that he is exploring a dream instead of just doing what his parents think is best or what society thinks is best. He'll be there for probably a year and then might explore going to law school. I'm going to try to get a ticket this summer to go see him, since I didn't really get to see him before he left. I'm kinda jealous since the Peace Corps have always been kinda a dream for me - and this is pretty close to the peace corps. Who knows, maybe his involvement will motivate me to take the plunge and join up. :)

Wulp, that's it for me today. Hope eveyone is enjoying their weekends.

p.s.- don't pay attention to time the blog says it was written, it's always wrong for some reason.