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Friday, July 30, 2004


I realized this morning that I'm a pretty selfish person - or at least I have been lately. I was on my way to work and was praying that God would help me through a story I'm writing about a group of young women who do ministry through dance. I went and watched their practice yesterday, and what they're doing is really cool. I often ask God to guide me through my day and through my stories - and honestly believe that's why any of them are any good.

Anyhow - this morning I was praying and realized that I haven't given any time to God in the last two or three weeks, really. I haven't been in the Bible, I haven't had good prayer times, I've just been asking, asking, asking for what I want or need or whatever. Pretty selfish.

I had prayed and prayed and prayed to get another chance at staying at the Journal and God delivered and I feel like I haven't done anything to worship Him for that. I haven't spent more time with my friend Allison who lives in Salina, I haven't spent more time with my grandparents, and my work hasn't really reflected the gift God gave me.

So, I felt like crud for most of the ride over here, but I'm finally old enough or wise enough to realize that it's only a step back to God - so when I feel like I can't approach Him because I've done something bad, I'm really falling into a trap. So I stepped right back to HIm and asked for forgiveness and strength, and am feeling better now.

I'm extremely ready for this weekend. I am planning on sleeping in tomorrow morning and then hopefully taking Allison to lunch for her birthday - then maybe more sleeping. I'm fatigued - mentally and physically and pretty much spiritually - so if I can just make it through today... :)

The day looks to be lining up pretty well. I'm going to do cops this morning - that means I go to the police department and the sheriff's office and sit down with other media to go over arrests and incident reports - then I write the blotter that is on the inside of the paper. I also have that story on the dancers to write and some more calls to make on a ballot we are putting together for the primary election on Tuesday.

I'm working with all men today until April gets here at 1:30....so that ought to be a treat. :)

Love you all-

Thursday, July 29, 2004

Why am I awake right now?

Today....I am tired. I'm hoping to wake up pretty soon, but it hasn't happened yet and I've been at work for about an hour and a half.

Last night after work, I went to help Jackie and Mark again in teh basement. Jackie's parents got home last night and the basement wasn't done - but it was ALMOST done. I think probably most everything was built or will be built by tonight and then we just have to organize stuff and put it back into the storage units we've built. Hopefully we'll get it done by Saturday or so. I was only there an hour because I had to go back to my house in Manhattan and make sure that I was done cleaning,etc., so the new tennants could move in. My roomie, Emily, was there too so when we were done - we turned in our keys and went to get chips and salsa at Chili's - our fav.

Then we went to Applebee's to see another roommate, Melissa, who is working there, and had desert. Ughhh....I ate dinner before I went to Jackie's, so I was very very full and very very sleepy. We left Applebee's and went to Rusty's Last Chance to see another sorority sister, but weren't there too long before we both decided it was time for BED.

So, Emily stayed at my house last night and was still sleeping when I left for work this morning. :) It was really good to see her, and hopefully I'll be able to go visit her in Ottawa (her home for the summer) before she leaves for grad school in Texas.

It was soooo great to be done with the house in Manhattan. That house just wasn't a great experience and I'm relieved to be done with it.

Tonight I'm FINALLY going back to the Y to do my workout- I've missed a bunch of nights because of helping with the basement or doing stuff for the Journal, etc., and am ready to get back into it.

Then, I'm going to go hang out with my Dad, who will help me figure out my financial plan for the next few years. I'm lookin' forward to it. :)

Steve called last night and was done with the bar. He said he feels like it went well, but won't know if he passed for another 10 weeks. He and Stacy are coming home TODAY, so I'm excited to see them and hang out. :) And I'm making Steve teach me how to drive a stick shift, if I can find a car to practice on. :)

Today at the Journal looks busy. I have a story about how many young people vote in Salina and a fun feature story on 4-H floats. I have to make area calls to put together a ballot for hte primary election - I know that sounds confusing and it is, so I'm not gonna try to explain it. :)

That's it for now. I'm off to get a Dr. Pepper and some pep, hopefully. :)


Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Too much to do...too little time

I bet you are all wondering why, if I have too much to do and too little time in which to do it, am I writing a blog. I dunno - guess I'm addicted.

It's gonna be a short one though. :)

I didn't come to work today until 12:30 p.m. because I had some overtime I had to work off. This morning I went to my house in Manhattan to move the rest of my stuff out before the Aug. 1 deadline. I didn't get everything done that I wanted to, but I think I at least made a dent. I'll have to go back tonight.

This is the first day without my boss, Yoda. It's gonna be tough, but I think I have enough to keep me busy that I won't notice it too much, at least today. I have two stories due that are ready to write and two more that they would probably like today that are not ready to write and then anything else they decide to throw at me. And, only about 5 hours to do it in - if I don't take an hour lunch, which I won't, cuz I never do. Whew.

Then tonight it's back to Jackie's to help for a few hours before her parents come home and then on to Manhattan to finish up packing stuff and help clean.

Gonna be a long, long, long-long, long day.

Love you all though-

P.S.- Today is Steve's last day of taking the bar exam. Everyone rejoice!

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Small, small world

This morning, I went to the Rolling Hills Refuge to do a story on a group of Japanese teenagers who were in Abilene for an exchange trip. I didn't think I knew much about the assignment when I got there, but quickly found out I knew a lot - well at least I knew a lot of the people involved in it.

The chairperson of the program was Judy Alesio. Her daughter and I worked together as lifeguards at the Chapman Municipal Pool when I was still in high school. The vice-chair was Donna Reynolds. Her son is a friend of a friend of mine, I guess you could say, so she knew me too.

One of the translators was Ann Foltz, who I knew from her time dating Jackie's bro, Matt. It was all kinda weird because I'm not used to interviewing people whose homes I've hung out at...but you gotsta do what you gotsta do.

The hands and shoulders and body in general are feeling much better today, by the way.

Last night we celebrated Par's and Mom's bdays and it was good to just rest and eat good food and be surrounded by my crazy family. My Uncle Ted called just as we were discussing how he has decided to keep the bone doctors replaced in his hip. This is a man who wears a Rolex and drives a way-too-big truck just cuz he can...so it's really not a hillbillie thing - I think he just likes to keep things. :) Anyhow, he called and added to our conversation that he has actually named the bone now — boney. I love my family.

Today at the Journal has been pretty good - not exciting, but good. I am waiting around to go to a Salina Municipal Band concert at 8 p.m. in Oakdale Park so I can write a story about the band turning 120 years old. My boss, Ben, is leaving for a weeklong vacation tomorrow, which means my life will probably be a lot more stressful for a while - but his will be less stressful, so that's good. :)

My boss's boss's boss - or the big man Tom Bell had a steak fry today for Journal employees. I'm not sure exactly why - I think because we are doing so well for the quarter - but anyhow, I got to eat steak for dinner, so that was nice. I had to eat by myself because everyone else had already eaten - not as nice.

There was one guy, I think he works with the printing press, who was also eating. I guess I shulda eaten with him...maybe next time, I guess. Sometimes I scare myself off...

I guess I am officially rambling now, so I'll end this post. Hope everyone is doing well. I haven't heard from Steve yet, so keep praying for those restful nights. :) His last day of testing is tomorrow and then, I think he and Stacy are coming home. I can't wait to see them. I'm making Steve teach me how to drive stick shift - he just doesn't know it yet. :)

Okey dokey - that's all.
Love - eeds

Monday, July 26, 2004

Not a construction worker

Hello all - This weekend I found out that my true calling is definitely NOT remodeling basements. I helped my friend, Jackie, and her husband Mark remodel Jackie's parents' basement this weekend and I am HURTING now. My hands are torn up, I have blisters, my shoulders are killing me, and I still have polyeurothane stuck to my elbows (which I realized as I was trying to do my hair for work this morning.) The sticky substance has attracted quite a bit of dirt. If I had to, I could pass the dirty patches off as birth marks, but I did my best to scrub them off and am just wearing sleeves today. :)

Most of the pain is due to me being on my hands and knees scrubbing (or TRYING to scrub, rather) carpet glue off a cement floor with muratic acid and a wire brush...for HOURS. Some of it came off pretty well -some of it will have to be covered up with a rug. Muratic acid is nasty stuff, and needless to say I now hate carpet and will never have ANY in my home...or wall paper, I hate that stuff too.

Anyhow - the worst part of this whole experience is that we aren't even going to get done on time. We were supposed to be done Wednesday, which is when Jackie's parents get back from their trip to Switzerland. However, Mark doesn't think we're going to make it, and while I am still holding out some hope that a miracle will happen, I think he might be right.

It has been fun to play with my friends all weekend, and I must say that I met my goal of not washing my hair or really even changing my clothes all weekend - so that was nice. (Nice for me, probably not so much for the people I was working next to.)

Last night my crazy aunt and cousins came up from Oklahoma. Today is my Par's birthday and tomorrow is my mom's, so we are celebrating tonight and I'm excited to see everyone. It's good to have family close - especially right now when all I want to do is complain about how much my body hurts - I get lots of sympathy. :)

Today at the Journal looks to be fun. I had three messages about the shooting from Friday waiting for me. Two from the suspect's aunt, and one from a witness who complained that the amublence didn't get to the scene of the crime quick enough. Looks like I'm doing an update. :)

I also get to meet with a man who has sold his auto parts store after owning it for more than 40 years. His father owned it before him, so the store has actually been around since the 1940's. Could be a great story - depending on how interesting the man is. I'm hoping for something great.

I didn't ever find the bikers from Friday. My contact called and said he couldn't even find them (and he was supposed to join them to go to Boston), so that was the end of that. Oh well...it would've been fun, but maybe I'll be able to do a biker story later on. :)

My brother Steve takes the Illnois bar exam tomorrow and Wednesday, so if you all think about it, say a little prayer for him. I'm pretty sure he will pass with flying colors, so I'm mostly praying for him to have a few restful nights and be in good health mentally and physically for the two-day test.

I guess that's it for me. I hope this finds you all smiling!

Friday, July 23, 2004

shoota shoota

Good morning everyone :)
This morning I went to the cops reports to get a quick recap before I have to go on my own on Monday. It just so happened that there had been a shooting last night, so I got a pretty good story out of it. No worries, no one died, but I think there is a deeper issue than just what's on the surface. (note that i'm going 10 steps further, sarah). The shooting occurred at a local bar that has already seen a stabbing and a driveby shooting. This bar used to be for the "older" crowd, but is now an 18-and-older place, at least Thursday through Saturday. The police say mixing underaged kids with older people is always a problem and so is this part of town (downtown, on Santa Fe). So, I have some calls to make, but I think it will end up pretty cool. :)

Later today I get to go talk to motorcycle-riding members of the Democratic party who are also veterans from all over the United States. They are riding their bikes across the nation with the destination of Boston for the Democratic National Convention. They are stopping in Salina for gas and lunch, but aren't really very organized, so hopefully I'll be able to find them. I like talking to veterans, so I'm excited. Maybe one of them will let me ride. I dunno - haven't done that in awhile. :)

We knocked down a wall at Jackie's parents' house last night — I was very impressed. :) Well, I didn't knock it down, but I did watch Mark and Michael do it. We just found out that Brennon, one of Mark's friends who has worked construction with Mark before, isn't going to be able to help with the remodeling. It kinda made me worry about the whole project, but Jackie and Mark don't seem TOO worried, so I will trust them. :)

Mom helped us out last night by sorting all of Carla's sewing stuff. It was quite a job - took at least two hours! I think Carla will like it though.

I'm excited that it's finally Friday and ready to take off the work clothes and be a kid again. I plan on not washing my hair for at least two days and maybe not changing clothes too much. I dunno, I guess we'll see.

That's it for today! Love you guys - eeds

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Starting off

Hello all-
I got the idea for doing this through reading a friend's blog of her summer in Europe. I thought about how there is usually so much I want to tell my friends and family, and so little time to do it in, and thought this might help.
If you guys want to, you can just check out my blogspot and find out what is going on in my life for the day. I know that sounds a big egotistical - but I don't mean that I think you are all constantly wondering about what I'm doing - just that if you are, this way you can find out.

So, today had its ups and downs. I went to a deployment ceremony this morning for a local Reservist group and think I got a pretty decent story out of it. However, upon returning to the Journal I received a pretty long phone message ripping me up one side and down the other for a story I wrote about a ground breaking ceremony yesterday. Long story short, the story was inaccurate, but it became inaccurate through the editing process - not through my writing. Also, the angry man wasn't so upset about the inaccuracy, but more that we didn't do a fluff PR piece on the ground breaking. It's all very difficult to explain without going into detail, but I think we got it straightened out and I had another person who was involved in the story tell me he didn't think think it was a big deal and thought I did a good job with the story. SO THERE. ;)

I've been helping my friend Jackie work on remodeling her parents' basement for the last week and we finally have it cleared out and are ready to start reorganizing all the stuff. On Friday some friends are going to help Jackie and her husband, Mark, knock out a wall and start the remodeling process. At that point I will make myself scarce as I don't know the first thing about buildin' stuff. :) It should be fun.

Also, the Salina Journal recently extended my internship through the end of September with hopes of being able to hire me permanently. I would love to be here as it is close to home - close to the grandparents, and a pretty cool little town with a great YMCA. :)

I think that's it for my first blog. Hope you all enjoyed it. Love you all-Eeds