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Friday, July 02, 2010

A new journey and new blog

Hi all,
This post is a little late in coming - but for all of you who followed me through A little about a lot - I have moved!

Our new blog is www.whoevercalls.wordpress.com and follows Seth and I as we embark upon this journey to Dallas Theological Seminary and beyond. :)

Thanks for loving us and for following us!


Monday, February 02, 2009

Playing Catch-Up

20things that have happened since my last blog posting.
(not necessarily in order.)

1. We carved a pumpkin. It looked retarded.

2. I started (Nov. 12) and finished (Jan. 14 ) working on the poverty project.

3. We went to Chapman and then Atwood for Thanksgiving and for Christmas.

4. We decided to split the holidays next year.

5. I wrecked my car by running into a very large rock at 5 mph. On Christmas Eve.

6. We learned that sharing a car makes us want to kill each other only a leetle.

7. Our friend Staci had a baby.

8. Our friend Davina had a baby.

9. I helped throw a baby shower for our friend Kirsten (due this month).

10. I agreed to help throw baby showers for our friends Dana (due in March) and Jodi (due in April).

11. Our friend Amy announced that she is pregnant (due in August).

12. I asked Seth if we should have a baby RIGHT NOW.

13. He said no.

14. I watched 11 one-year-olds when our church put on a movie night.

15. I decided it was OK to wait awhile to have kids.

16. I went to an engagement party for our friends Sarah and Shea and decided they should live closer.

17. We bought tickets to go to Chicago to see Ada. And Steve and Stacy.

18. My employer introduced a new word to me, "furlough."

19. We decided to buy a house!

20. We started looking at houses and decided there are an inordinately large number of mustard-yellow homes in Hutchinson.

Do you feel caught up?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

One month + two days

Chapt. 1: The Wedding.

It was great.

It was a beautiful day and nothing went wrong enough for me to care and I felt pretty and I got to dance with my dad and at the end of the day I left with my husband, brushing birdseed out of my hair.

My favorite moments:
Seeing Tom and Carla at the salon where I was getting make up done and Jackie was getting her hair done. It was several hours before the wedding and I just felt like Edie and they felt like the Dills and Jackie felt like my best friend on any random day.

Putting on the dress. My mom helped me. That's what I've always wanted.

Seeing Dad for the first time.

Hugging my big brother in my blue underwear.

Attempting to tell my best friends how much they mean to me.

Sitting with Jackie minutes before the wedding. It was just us and we both cried.

Seeing Seth waiting for me at the end of the aisle.

The kiss! (we didn't practice "the kiss" beforehand. I'm so glad we didn't!)

Running out into the birdseed and the great beyond, also known as "marriage."

Chapt. 2 The honeymoon

Also great. Five glorious days of sleeping in, taking naps, wandering out of the condo once a day and chopping off my hair! Whee!

Chapt. 3: Marriage

Wonderful. Honeymoons are great, but I prefer the day in, day out, coming home to Seth in the evening and waking up next to him every morning.

Living together has been a much smoother transition than I ever imagined. Seth wakes up so much earlier than I do and is always done getting ready before I make it out of bed.

He makes sure the house is picked up and will help me do the "real" cleaning when I ask.

There are, however, some unfortunate things about the Ross household.

First off, we have a horrible smell coming from our kitchen. I can NOT figure out what it is or where it is coming from. I don't know how many times I've stuck my nose in various places and sniffed deeply to try to locate the source of the smell. For a long time it seemed it was a smell only detectable by the female nose. However, it has gotten bad enough now that Seth can smell it.
His solution: light a candle.
My solution: Go INSANE.

Also, we have no full length mirror. This is problematic on days when I look at an outfit laid out on the bed and think "this works," only to get to work (where the mirrors are full length) and find out that, "no, it really doesn't."

Case in point: Last week I put together a little ensemble that included brown tights a khaki skirt and a greenish shirt. Cute right? Mirrors at work say NO. I looked like bow-hunter Barbie.

But, overall the last month and two days has been pretty spectacular.

(Click for more pics)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

At a loss for words

Today I received an e-mail from a reader who wants the my newspaper to stop allowing people to post online comments about stories.

The reader says that all "negative" comments about stories or the people in the stories violate our policy to generally disallow any comments that are racist, obscene or libelous.

She says "Good job (newspaper), you are really helping this cut down on the negative feedback of (this town), not. All in all there are several people that I spoke with that would like you to do away with entirely the comment section on articles. Do that in order to make the people of (this town)not look so self centered or ridiculously uncaring."



I don't understand how people are so incredibly short sighted. We see this attitude all the time - this "only positive sentiments should be heard - for the good of the community" attitude.

At a recent school board meeting, HORDES of people showed up to defend a coach who was caught on tape going on a three-minute tirade, berating his players and even threatening to "cut your f-ing nuts off."

When a person who disagreed that this was the best way to build team discipline began to step to the podium, the others in the crowd said he should not be allowed to speak because "there is no place for your comments here."

I'm just so FRUSTRATED that this is what we've become as a society. I'm so frustrated that people would much rather sweep problems under the rug, smiling like idiots, than flush out and address issues that are poisoning the community.

And it makes me sad. It makes me sad that we send soldiers to fight wars to give freedoms that we ourselves seem to disown.

A lot of journalists hold the motto "free speech isn't free" close to their hearts. It seems that it not only isn't free, it also isn't appreciated or desired.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Wedding day weather

Thanks Lord!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The thing that happened my senior year...

My senior year in college the adviser of the student newspaper I worked for was fired.

One of my best friends, then the managing editor of the paper, sued the school.

The case is now being taught in media law textbooks at colleges around the country.

I would say the experience in 2004 scarred us all. It still hurts to talk about. However, knowing that K-State's outright disregard for student First Amendment rights will be made an example of in college classrooms lifts my spirits considerably.

A snippet from "Law of Journalism and Mass Communication," by Trager, Russomanno,Ross. Published by McGraw Hill

"In 2004, another fight over content of a university student newspaper involved the court-sanctioned reassignment of the paper's adviser. A federal district court reversed itself to rule that the First Amendment did not prohibit the removal of the Kansas State (University) Collegian's adviser.

The adviser was removed amid controversy over the newspaper's coverage of campus diversity issues and events, both court records and published reports show. Complaints surfaced after the newspaper failed to cover the university-hosted annual Big 12 Conference on Black Student Government. Ron Johnson had also been removed from his advising post briefly in 1998 after he refused to exercise control over the newspaper's content.

Editors of the Collegian joined Johnson's lawsuit claiming that the removal amounted to censorship. A letter from the head of both the journalism school and the university's publications board from 1997 to 2004 said content analysis of the newspaper supported the recommendation to remove the adviser. University administrators denied the decision was based on displeasure with the paper's content, and members of the student publications board said the vote signaled budget concerns.

The Society of Professional Journalists and the Student Press Law Center both officially condemned Johnson's removal, criticized administrators who recommended the move and urged the university to reinstate the former newspaper adviser."

Monday, September 15, 2008

12 days and cohabitation

Last night I had my first ever dream about the wedding day. I don't remember a lot except for the flowers. They weren't even the flowers I picked out but they were wonderful!

So, we have 12 days. And that seems insane to think about and at the same time like the longest week and five days EVER. Like, EVER.

Things are pretty much ready to go. We need to print and fold the programs, write some thank you notes for the wedding party, and come up with a play list for background music during the reception. The to-do list is beautifully short.

But just to try to keep my stress level high-functioning, I've turned my attention to the task of moving. We have to move me out of my apartment before we leave Hutch for the wedding.

Kids, I'm moving in with a boy.

A boy who does not own a toilet brush.
A boy who doesn't think to wash his sheets.
A boy who rinses off his knives and sets them behind the sink and then uses them again.
A boy who has a couch with absolutely no innards (aka - the man eating couch) that he absolutely REFUSES to part with.
A boy who loves me to the point that when he says "You have no idea how much I love you," I believe him.
A boy who promised to clean his bathroom, has already cleared out space in his closet for my clothes AND SHOES and who says "whatever you want honey" when I talk about how to arrange the furniture.

Yup. :) I pretty much can't wait.